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Alice in Wonderland

by Henry Savile Clarke

edited by Ella Turner

Fellows Garden, Wadham College

2nd Week Trinity Term - 1st May 2024 - 4th May 2024

Wed to Sat 19:30 & Sat 14:30


Alice - Thushita Maheshkumar Sugunaraj

Cook/ Mutton - Ivy Stephens

Gryphon - Wren Talbot-Ponsonby

March Hare - Raf Armstrong

White Queen - Sasha Ivanova

Cheshire Cat - Wendy Shi

Tweedledee - Esther O'Neill

Tweedledum - Suzi Darrington

Knave of Hearts/ White Knight - Purav Kerai

Queen of Hearts/ Black Queen - Emily White 

Caterpillar/ Humpty Dumpty - Lara Machado

Duchess - Dami Adedoyin-Adenyiyi

King of Hearts/ Black King - Priya Rose Toberman

White Rabbit/ White King - Chris Chang

Dormouse/ Lily/ Pudding - Esme Somerside Gregory

Mock Turtle - Lexie Pert

Chorus - Cerys Bennison

Chorus - Ellie Yau


Co-Director - Abbie Mochrie

Co-Director - Rebecca Harper

Producer - Ella Turner

Costume Designer - Alice Graham

Marketing Manager - Megan James

Set and Props Designer - Maria Betelchi

Sound Operator - Holly Beckman

Sound Designer - Hayden Montfort

Lighting Executive - Libby Alldread 

With thanks to all the funding bodies that made this possible:

00Productions, Cameron Mackintosh Fund

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