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by Peter Shaffer

Keble O’Reilly Theatre

7th Week Michaelmas Term - 22nd - 23rd Nov 2023

Wed to Sat 19:30


Salieri - Jo RIch

Mozart - Poddy Wilson

Constanze - Molly Jones

Venticelli - Susie Weidmann

Venticelli - Joe Rachman

Emperor - Nicolas Rackow

Courtier - Will Shackleton

Courtier - Matilda Piovella

Katherine Cavalieri / Ensemble  - Lois Helsop

Ensemble - Florence Purcell

Ensemble - George Vyvyan

Ensemble - Victoria Kinne

Ensemble - Ishy Levy

Ensemble - Purav Menon

Signer - Lois Heslop

Signer - Bethan Dracott

Signer - Joel Fernandez

Signer - Ben Gilchrist


Director - Lucas Angeli
Musical Director - Lou Newton
Producer - Ava Smith
Assistant Producer - Isabella Lyh
Set Design - Elspeth Rogers
Costume Design -  Effie Halstead
Sound Design - Dan Arkell
Lighting Design - Andrew Raynes

Marketing Manager - Alice Chakraborty

Welfare - Carys Howell

Musical Composition - Lou Newton

Musical Arrangements - Owen Thomas

Musical Arrangements - Sami Jalil

Musical Arrangements - Isobel Connolly

Musical Arrangements - Louis Benneyworth

Musical Arrangements - Felix Patten


Lillian Ngo Usadi

Hattie Altaparmakova

Alex Gunasekera

Anton March

Sophie Rowdene

Purav Menon

Ben Gilchrist

George Vyvyan

Lizzy Gur

Lou Newton

Fin Webb

With thanks to all the funding bodies that made this possible:

00Productions, OUDS, Cameron Mackintosh Fund, Merton Floats, Martin Esslin Society, Eglesfield Productions

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