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Comedy of Errors

by Shakespeare

Michael Pilch Studio

4th Week Hillary Term - 7th - 10th Feb 2024

Wed to Sat 19:30 & Sat 14:30


Dromio of Syracuse - Tom Onslow

Dromio of Ephesus - Vita Hamilton

Antipholus of Ephesus - Gilon Fox

Antipholus of Syracuse - Tom Greany

Adriana - Artemis Betts

Luciana - Charlotte Ward

The Duke / Doctor Pinch - Tytus Wilam

Angelo - Susana Kolb Cadwell

Officer - Elliot Possnett

Egeon - Warwick Wagner

Second Merchant / Balthasar - Ellie Yau

Courtesan / Luce / First Merchant - Harriet Norris

The Abbess - Emily Cullinan


Producer - Benjamin Thomas

Director - Miles Robson

Assistant Producer - Matty Arakcheev

Marketing Director - Tom Meldrum

Graphic Designer - Tom Meldrum

Set Designer - Ilina Logani

Lighting Designer - Sienna Wadhwani

Sound Designer - Felix Gibbons

Costume Designer - Molly Dineley

Stage Manager - Mae Lavender Forsyth

Company Stage Manager - Molly Dineley

With thanks to all the funding bodies that made this possible:

00Productions, Cameron Mackintosh Fund, Light Relief Funding

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