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Having the Last Word

Play by Jessica Tabraham

The Burton Taylor Studio

4th Week Hilary Term - 6th Feb 2024 - 10th Feb 2024

Wed to Sat 19:30


Mary - Wren Talbot Ponsonby

Jo - Esme Rhodes

Rhiannon - Megan Bruton

Doctor - Lilia Kanu

Miss Simone/ Mrs Mackenzie - Kate Harkness

Daniel/ Jamie - Ollie Gilliam

Corner shop man - Aleksandra Matowska


Producer - Ella Turner

Director and Writer - Jessica Tabraham

Production Manager - Grace Kind

Marketing Director - Megan James

Sound Designer - Hayden Montfort

Lighting Executive - Leon Kunji

Sound Operator - Holly Beckman

Stage Manager - Mahirah Rahman

With thanks to all the funding bodies that made this possible:

00Productions, Wadham College Drama Society, OUDS, Cameron Mackintosh Fund

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