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Smart Casual

by Sam Woof

The North Wall Theatre

29th - 31 Jun 2021

Wed to Sat 19:30 & Sat 14:30


Marc - William Foxton

Mel - Darcy Dixon

Willow - Grace de Souza

Ben - Henry Waddon

Lily - Ellie Cooper

Jordan - Jamie Murphy


Writer/Director - Sam Woof
Musical Director - Livi van Warmelo
Producer - Mrinmoyee Roy
Producer - Lowri Spear
Assistant Director - Imogen Albert
Assistant Musical Director - Caitlin Frank

Production Manager - Harvey Dovell
Stage Manager - Nicola Wright
Set Design - Joe Emmens
Costume Design - Natasha Squire 
Sound Design - Andrew Orr
Lighting Design - Sam Morley

Marketing Manager - Natasha Mallett
Marketing Assistant - Ava Vakil 
Graphic Design - Phillip Olney & Avery Mitchell
Photography - Bartek Grzesnikowski


Keys - Livi van Warmelo

Violin - Maz Sutton

Cello - Toby Anderson

Bass - Samuel Hopkins 

Kit - Oscar Lopez Lopez

With thanks to all the funding bodies that made this possible:


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