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The Bacchae

by Euripides

Keble O'Reilly Theatre

3rd Week Hillary Term - 31st Jan - 3rd Feb 2024

Wed to Sat 19:30


Dionysus - Wally Mccabe

Pentheus - Immanuel Smith

Agave - Alice Wyles

Tiresias - Susie Weidmann

Cadmus - Ollie Gillam

Cowherd - Lleucu Branson Wiliam

Soldier - Lindley Trueblood

Soldier - Eve Campbell

Maenad - Honor Thompson

Maenad - Ananya Parakh

Maenad - Scarlett Fountain-Wilkinson

Maenad - Victoria Kinne

Maenad - Malin Karstens

Maenad - Jade Tedaldi

Maenad - Emeline Young

Maenad - Cairlin Mcanespy

Maenad - Ghazal Sidi

Maenad - Alice Wyles


Producer - Zoe Adams

Director - Freuja Harrison-Wood

Choreographer - Konstantina Beritza

Assistant Director - Ted Fussell

Assistant Producer - Olivia Miles

Assistant Producer - Will Shackleton

Marketing Director - Olivia Miles

Graphic Designer - Rachael Cummings-Naylor

Set Designer - Kat Surgay

Set Designer - Zixi Cai

Set Designer - Sabrina Goldsmith

Lighting Designer - David Street

Lighting Executive - Libby Alldread

Sound Designer - David Street

Costume Designer - Kat Surgay

Costume Designer - Biba Cope-Brown

Costume Designer - Mai Liu Cannon

Stage Manager - Sophie Akbar-Frost

Assistant Stage Manager - Rose Gladman

Assistant Stage Manager - Caitlin Hawthorn

Welfare Officer - Maha Waqar

Welfare Officer - Sophia Banner

Technical Assistant - Caitlyn Tan

Technical Assistant - Dhruv Jajodia

Technical Assistant - Hannah Wei

With thanks to all the funding bodies that made this possible:

00Productions, OUDS, Cameron Mackintosh Fund, Corpus Christi Owlets, Magdalen Players

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