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Half Baked
by Nina Jurkovic

The North Wall Theatre
4th Week Trinity - 19th-22nd  May 2021
Wed to Sat 19:30 & Sat 14:00 

Something strange is cooking at the Bourne Bakery: a pair of incompetent mobsters, a troupe of struggling actors, one very poncy art show, and two bakers trying to bake any recipe other than disaster.

"You’ll laugh, and then laugh some more"
"Confidently marks the return of in-person theatre with a bang"

- Oxford Opening Night

"High-spirited comedy"
"A worthy addition to OUDS new comedy writing"
- Daily Info

"Highly original"
"Plunged into a world which is packed with intrigue"
- The Oxford Blue

"A truly a feminist triumph"
"Hugely enjoyable and entertaining night out"

Chocolate Chip Cookies


Hazel - Leah Aspden

Molly - Charlotte Wilson

Candy - Téa Chatila

Chris - Pip Lang

Tina - Ava Balaji

Maria - Beth Ranasinghe

Emma - Maggie Moriarty

Vicki - Anna Coles


Producer - Harvey Dovell

Co-Producer - Olivia Wheeler

Director - Nina Jurković

Writer - Nina Jurković

Assistant Director - Gabe Winsor

Production Manager - Finley Bettsworth

Marketing Director - Rosie Robinson

Marketing Assistant - Natasha Mallett

Marketing Assistant - Nicole Kitsberg

Graphic Designer - Vie Richards

Set Designer - Sneha Bansal

Assistant Set - Iris Chabriat

Props Manager - Cherona Chapman

Executive Lighting - Sam Morley

Lighting Designer - Daniel Dipper 

Assistant Lighting - Pen Hilder Jarvis

Sound Designer - Andrew Orr

Assistant Sound - Aron West

Technical Assistant - Chuanqi Wang

Technical Assistant - Ovidiu Antal

Costume Designer - Natasha Squire

Stage Manager - Eve Freeman

Assistant Stage Manager - Annie Porter

COVID Officer - Finley Bettsworth

With thanks to all the funding bodies that made this possible:

as well as Cameron Mackintosh Drama Fund

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