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Half Baked
by Nina Jurkovic

The North Wall Theatre

4th Week Trinity - 19th-22nd  May 2021

Wed to Sat 19:30 & Sat 14:00 


Something strange is cooking at the Bourne Bakery: a pair of incompetent mobsters, a troupe of struggling actors, one very poncy art show, and two bakers trying to bake any recipe other than disaster.


Hazel - Leah Aspden

Molly - Charlotte Wilson

Candy - Téa Chatila

Chris - Pip Lang

Tina - Ava Balaji

Maria - Beth Ranasinghe

Emma - Maggie Moriarty

Vicki - Anna Coles


Co-Producer - Harvey Dovell

Co-Producer - Olivia Wheeler

Director - Nina Jurković

Writer - Nina Jurković

Production Manager - Finley Bettsworth

Assistant Producer - Olivia Wheeler

Marketing Director - Rosie Robinson

Marketing Assistant - Natasha Mallett

Marketing Assistant - Nicole Kitsberg

Graphic Designer - Vie Richards

Set Designer - Sneha Bansal

Assistant Set - Iris Chabriat

Props Manager - Cherona Chapman

Executive Lighting - Sam Morley

Lighting Designer - Daniel Dipper 

Assistant Lighting - Pen Hilder Jarvis

Sound Designer - Andrew Orr

Assistant Sound - Aron West

Costume Designer - Natasha Squire

Stage Manager - Eve Freeman

Assistant Stage Manager - Annie Porter

COVID Officer - Finley Bettsworth

With thanks to all the funding bodies that made this possible: