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Nina Jurković


Nina is a second year Philosophy and Theology student at Oriel, who has been involved in theatre since she exploded onto the scene as Miss Hannigan in ‘Annie’ (2011), a performance which generated some genuine concerns for her sobriety. After a string of rejections, Nina took the hint, and became involved in technical theatre at school. Over the years she developed her role in her school’s drama department, often managing the technical aspects of multiple productions, most often as a stage manager, lighting and sound designer. Being the only non-actor in her drama class meant Nina directed a number of devised and scripted student pieces also. She eventually wrote and directed some of her own productions, most significantly ‘Toast’, which she never really stops talking about. In Oxford drama, Nina has alternated between acting as a director and a lighting designer on various productions. She is very keen to get involved in more shows, to continue learning and developing as a director in the future.


Writer, Director

Half Baked (TT21, The North Wall Arts Centre)

Assistant Director

Songs From The Old World (Online)

Editor, Consultant

Unstable Connection (2020, Online)


Present Laughter (HT20, Michael Pilch Studio)

Assistant Lighting Technician

Chicago (MT19, O'Reilly)

Lighting Designer

Journey's End

Director, Writer, Technical Director

Toast (2018)

Company Manager, Technician

Picnic on Hanging Rock (2018)

Lighting Designer, Assistant Director

Land Of Promises (2018, IYAF)

Company Manager, Technician

Little Shop Of Horrors (2017)

Director, Lighting Designer

Shakers (2017)

Stage Manager, Lighting Designer

Spheres (2017)

Assistant Technical Director

Moat Festival (2016, '17, '18)

Company Manager, Technician

Second Person Narrative (2016)

Co-writer, Director

Flibbertigibbet (2016)

House Drama Officer (2016)

Director, Lighting Designer

Festival (2016)

Lighting Designer, Technical Director

Sing And Swing Concert (2015, '16, '17, '18, '19)

Lighting Designer

House Music Competition (2015, '16, '17, '18, '19)

Lighting Designer

House Drama Competition (2015, '16, '17, '18, '19)

Stage Manager

Into The Woods (2015)

Lighting Designer

Fire Escape (2015)

Director, Co-writer

Sonder (2015)

Technical Director

Aladdin (2014)

Stage Manager

Lord Of The Flies (2014)

Technical Director

Olivia! (2016, Bridewell Theatre)

Technical Director

Annie (2013, '16, '19)