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Present Laugher
Doctor Faustus
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Olivia Wheeler



Olivia co-founded 00Productions with Harvey in 2019. She has been a theatre fanatic ever since she watched Mary Poppins fly out over the audience during her first trip to the West End as a child. However it wasn't until she came to university that she was inspired by the incredibly active student drama scene to get involved with productions herself. Since then she has mainly worked in Stage Management, while also building up her technical competence. She now feels that she has spent long enough learning from experienced producers and it is now time to focus on putting on productions of her own.


Sweeney Todd set
Doctor Faustus
Half Baked
Spring Awakening
Ocean Madness
Casterbridge poster
Present Laughter
Doctor Faustus set
The Tempest
Spring Awakening stage management team
The Great Half Baked Off
Present Laughter
Ocean Madness
How to Use a Washing Machine
Casterbridge poster shoot
The Tempest
How to Use a Washing Machine
Sweeney Todd


Production Manager, Set Workshop Lead, Flyman, Photographer

Sweeney Todd (HT22, Oxford Playhouse)

Set and Stage Manager

Ocean Madness (MT21, O'Reilly)

Production Manager, Technician

Drama Cuppers (MT21, BT Studio)

Marketing Manager, Photographer

Casterbridge (Summer 21, Keble College)

Co-Producer, Photographer

Half Baked (TT21, The North Wall Arts Centre)


Doctor Faustus (HT20, O'Reilly)

Producer, Photographer

Present Laughter (HT20, Pilch)

Assistant Producer

Chicago (MT19, O'Reilly)

Production Manager, Technician

Drama Cuppers (MT19, BT Studio)

Stage Manager

Hamlet (MT19, O'Reilly)

Stage Manager, Assistant Producer

Spring Awakening (MT19, Oxford Playhouse)

Assistant Producer, Tour Technician

How to Use a Washing Machine (Tour 2019)

Production Manager

The Tempest (TT19, Worcester College Gardens)

Lighting Op

Plagued (HT19, BT Studio)

Stage Manager

Numbers (HT19, Pilch)

Stage Manager

The Only Way is Suffrage (HT19, BT Studio)

Assistant Producer, Assistant Stage Manager

A Christmas Carol (MT18, Worcester College)

Stage Manager

Cuppers (MT18, BT Studio)

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