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What is "A Techie Reviews"?

Every production is a team effort and it's time to pull back the curtain and marvel at the amazing work that goes into creating the shows we go to see. From the lighting design done on a shoe-string budget to the stage manager who organises over a hundred props each night, there’s a group of people that often go under-appreciated in all the work they do. The rare mention they do get in reviews is usually either a horrible reminder of something that went wrong, or a single sentence tagged on the end. A show is not only those under the spotlight, but also those that decided to put it there in the first place.

Spring Awakening - From the wings

This page is a place for reviews by techies that focus on the successes and struggles of designers, technicians, producers, and the marketing team. There will be a focus on the Oxford student drama scene, which 00Productions and I are a part of. By finally giving the well-deserved appreciation to these hidden heroes of a show I hope that it encourages them and others to continue pushing boundaries and creating amazing productions.

Bonnie & Clyde - Tech box

Some reviews will be from an audience perspective, discussing the triumphs of the design and tech or the times where it just misses the mark. Others will include interviews with those behind the shows, going into detail on the struggles and effort that has gone into it. Every production has highlights and lowlights and yet the chaos comes together to give each show its unique character.

Whether you have never had experience in creating theatre and this gives you an insight into the process of creating the shows you enjoy; or you are a veteran techie that can relate to the struggles or even find inspiration for your next project; I hope that that this will be an enjoyable read.

If you have a show you would like us to review, contact us at

If you are a techie and would be interested in writing a review about any show, Oxford or otherwise please do also contact us.


Written by - H. Dovell

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