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The Last Five Years

Online Quarantine Show

2nd Week Trinity - 19:30 BST, Sat 9th May 2020

"To say the format 'works reasonably well' is an understatement: the piece is a triumph."

"If online productions like this will be the 'new normal' for theatre over the next few months, 00Productions have shown that we are in safe hands."

- Oxford Opening Night

"Maggie Moriarty and Peter Todd were both first class by any criterion."

"This was a little triumph over adversity by 00Productions."

- Daily Info

" The piece leaves its watchers jointly with a sense of awe at the talent needed to create such a show in the challenging time to find ourselves in, and a sense of sadness at the tragic tale before them."

- Cherwell


Jamie - Peter Todd

Cathy - Maggie Moriarty


Producer - Harvey Dovell
Director - Imogen Albert
Musical Director - Livi van Warmelo
Marketing Director - Natasha Mallett
Costume Arrangement - Kat Cooper

Editor - Harvey Dovell

Mixer - Livi van Warmelo
Graphic Designer - Eloïse Fabre

Graphic Designer - Alasdair Casperd

Camera Operator - James Moriarty

Camera Operator - Owen Winter


Keys - Livi van Warmelo
Violin - Marianne Sutton 
Cello - Toby Anderson 
Bass - Samuel Hopkins 

Guitar - Tao Gu

With thanks to all the funding bodies that made this possible:

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