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An American in Paris

The Oxford Playhouse
15th-18th Feb 2023
Wed to Sat 19:30 & Thurs and Sat 14:30

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The smash-hit Tony Award-winning musical, An American in Paris, tells the beautiful tale of love and liberation in the broken world of post-war Paris.
Based on the classic 1951 movie, and packed full of spectacular dance, the musical follows the stories of newcomer and long-standing Parisians as they recover from war, struggle to achieve their dreams, and fall in love.
Set to the iconic music of George Gershwin, including the show-stopping numbers ‘I got Rhythm’ and 'Stairway to Paradise’, this whimsical and timeless story is sure to leave you wanting to...
‘Dance whenever you can!’

"They have rhythm, they have music, they couldn’t ask for anything more. Neither could we."
- The ISIS

"a joyous confidence in the triumph of love and art"
"an expansiveness, quality, and scale mostly alien to my experience of student theatre"

- The Oxford Blue

"00Productions rose to the occasion and presented an ambitious project that definitively showcased the prodigious talent of Oxford students in pulling off such a technical feat with immense flair and inventiveness."
- The Poor Print

"a night of true escapism"
- The Oxford Student


Jerry - Molly Jones

Lise - Rachel Smyth

Adam - Cormac Diamond

Henri - George Vyvyan

Milo - Jelani Munroe

Madame Baurel - Elise Busset

Ensemble - Vara Raturi
Ensemble - Matilda Piovella
Ensemble - EJayy DeVaughn
Ensemble - Lam Guan Xiong
Ensemble - Francesca Kuczynska
Ensemble - Ekaterina Rahr-Bohr
Ensemble - Paige Crawley
Ensemble - Clara Heck
Ensemble - Amelia Inglis
Ensemble - Jade Carlin
Ensemble - Jodi Coffman
emble - Daisy Cutting
Dance Captain - Wren Talbot-Ponsonby


Producer - Aron West
Director - Ollie Khurshid
Musical Director - Jake Sternberg
Choreography Director - Cam Tweed
Production Manager - Ana Pagu
Assistant Producer - India Marsden
Assistant Producer - Noah Wild
Assistant Director - Gabrielle Plowens
Assistant Director - Ishani Shah
Assistant Musical Director - Dec Foster
Assistant Musical Director - Alessandro MacKinnon-Botti
Assistant Choreographer - Wren Talbot-Ponsonby
Assistant Ballet Choreographer - Daisy Cutting
Assistant Ballet Choreographer - Niamh Tooher
Trainee Production Manager - Mario Marcos Losada
Production Assistant - Niamh Jones

Costume Designer - Jessie Buers
Costume Assistant - Ava Balaji
Costume Assistant - Emma Lee
Costume Assistant - Ali Robson
Costume Assistant - Olivia Stevenson
Lighting Designer - Finley Bettsworth
Associate Lighting Designer - Sal Algannin
Lighting Assistant - Libby Alldread
Lighting Assistant - Tonia Williams
Follow spot - Sav Sood
Set Electrics - Sam Morley
Set Designer - Stazi Towers
Associate Set Designer - Natalie Penna
Set Assistant - Elise Leclair
Set Assistant - Eustacia Feng
Set Assistant - Aparna Mitra
Set Assistant - Ruthie Liu
Set Assistant - Loveday Pride
Set Assistant - Jak Spencer
Stage Manager - Mina Moniri
Stage Manager - Mari Gorton
Props Manager    Eddie Comerford
DSM - Matilda Lambert
DSM - Helen Woods
ASM - Darcey Willing
ASM - Izzy Hardin
ASM - Charlie Lovejoy
ASM - Eliana Kwok
Head of Flys - Joshua Seed
Sound Designer - Alva Orr
Associate SD & Mixer - Aron West
Associate SD - Madeleine Blackburn
Assistant SD - Amy Hemsworth
A2 - Angie Wyatt
A2 - Yingfei Liu
Sound Operator - Berry Yang
Sound Operator - Xinghan Chen

Welfare (crew) - Paula McGechan
Welfare (cast) - Eva Hayward
Welfare Assistant - Josh McGrane
Marketing Director - Emi Sinclair
Marketing Assistant - T
anie Maseko
Marketing Assistant - Katya Ferrier
Marketing Assistant - Ava Vandenthillart
Marketing Assistant - Flora Symington
Graphic Designer - Phebe McManamon
Videographer - Emma Earnshaw


Conductor - Jake Sternberg
Violin I - Hugo Max
Violin II - Vivian Lui
Viola - Kilian Meißner
Cello I - Hannah McFarlane
Cello II  - Aris Sabetai
Bass - Michelle Stanley
Keys I - Alessandro MacKinnon-Botti
Keys II / Percussion - Isaac Adni
Accordion - Titas Radzevicius
Reed I - Imogen Albert
Reed II - Maddy Morris
Reed III - Joe Waymouth
Oboe - Phoebe Barber
Reed IV - Matt Rogers
Trumpet I - Tom Wild
Trumpet II - Michael Lee
Trombone I - Joshua Dennis
Trombone II - Cordelia Lawson
Horn - Ella Ogilvy

With thanks to all the funding bodies that made this possible:

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MFlogo - B.png

Our thanks also for the support of:
Accidental Death Productions
The Martin Esslin Society
Wadham College Drama Fund
Balliol College JCR
Somerville College JCR
Keble College JCR
Christ Church JCR
Wadham College SU
Queen's College JCR
St Hugh's College JCR
Exeter College JCR
Brasenose College Arts Fund

Unless otherwise stated, graphics by Phebe McManamon and photographs by Emi Sinclair & Tanie Maseko.

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