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Apply for pro-rata funding for your production!

We have funded £0,000

Funding deadlines: Friday 9th Week every term & Friday 1st Week MT.
Next funding deadline: Friday 21st June (9th Week)

You can still apply if your venue slot is unconfirmed!

What is required?

  • A Bid which includes at a minimum

    • Synopsis

    • Director's Statement

    • Producer's Statement

    • Marketing Statment

    • Designer's Statements for key areas

    • Venue Considerations

  • A Budget including:​

    • Cost breakdown​

    • Breakeven Calculation

    • Contingency

  • Show up to Bid Interview with:​

    • Director​

    • Producer

    • Marketing Director

    • Writer (if applicable)

    • Production Manager (if applicable)

    • Key Designers

What is included?

  • Pro-rata funding from £1 - £500

  • Your own page on the website for the production (in testing)

  • Marketing posts from 00Productions social media

  • Exclusive discount to FishLaser Limited equipment hire (up to 36%)

Email your bid to 00productions.ox[at]

See the shows we have funded!

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