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The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street

The Oxford Playhouse
3rd Week Hillary - 2nd-5th Feb 2022
Wed to Sat 19:30 & Thurs and Sat 14:30

Set against the backdrop of gloomy Victorian London, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street follows the infamous tale of the razor-swinging barber and his pie shop-owning partner-in-crime, Mrs Lovett. With a spoonful of murder, a dash of cannibalism and a sprinkle of young sweet love, Sondheim’s musical beautifully blends psychological drama and shocking plot twists to create the ultimate musical thriller. Come along for one of Mrs Lovett’s scrumptious pies, just don’t ask what’s in them…

" A faithful and striking production with phenomenal cast, sets, and costumes."
The Oxford Student

"00Productions’ rendition of the classic brilliantly captured every facet of Sondheim’s genius."
"The heart-wrenching vocals, titillating tension and masterful emotional execution left me satisfyingly haunted."

- The Oxford Blue

"One of the most enjoyable student productions I have had the pleasure of attending"
"Rather than ‘a hole in the world like a great black pit’, then, the light at the end of the coronaviral tunnel is certainly bright."

- The Poor Print

"The set was a dream! Absolutely stunning, and very creatively used – the direction of this was particularly impressive. The costumes were fitting for the parts, and versatile when actors switched between ensemble and principle roles."
- Diary of the Dreaming Spires




Sweeney Todd - Daniel McNamee
Mrs. Lovett - Maggie Moriarty
Judge Turpin - Noah Radcliffe-Adams
Johanna - Hannah O’Sullivan
Anthony - Cormac Diamond
Toby - Molly Jones
Beadle - Declan Ryder
Pirelli - Ollie Khurshid
Lucy/Beggar Woman - Gracie Oddie-James

Ensemble/Anthony Understudy - Peter Todd
Ensemble - Francesca Carver
Ensemble - Saskia Jamieson-Bibb
Ensemble - Phoebe Tealby-Watson
Ensemble - Grace de Souza
Ensemble - Eva Bailey
Ensemble - Beth Ranasinghe
Ensemble - Eleanor Dunlop
Ensemble - Jelani Munroe
Ensemble - Sam Spencer
Ensemble - Harry Brook
Ensemble - Jack Stacey

Producer - Harvey Dovell
Director - Imogen Albert
Musical Director - Isaac Adni
Production Manager - Olivia Wheeler
Assistant Producer - Clara Graham
Assistant Director - James Newbery
Assistant Musical Director - Jake Sternberg
Welfare Officer - Della Darvill
COVID Officer - Finley Bettsworth
Marketing Manager - Natasha Mallett
Marketing Assistant - Phebe McManamon

Marketing Assistant - Dowon Jung

Marketing Assistant - Thea Ralph

Marketing Assistant - Rosie Robinson
Graphic Designer - Phillip Olney
Photographer - Debora Krut
Videographer - Katie Rennie

Videographer - Debora Krut
Stage Manager - Nicola Wright
Deputy Stage Manager - Violet Mermelstein

Deputy Stage Manager - Harvey Dovell
Assistant DSM - Ellie Tutt
Assistant Stage Manager - Kitty Foster

Assistant Stage Manager - Ellie Tutt

Assistant Stage Manager - Coral Kim

Assistant Stage Manager - Noah Wild

Assistant Stage Manager - AnneMichaela MacDonald Brodaric

Flyman - Peyton Beeli

Flyman - Olivia Wheeler
Props Manager - Peyton Beeli
Assistant Props Manager - Phoenix Brown
Props Assistant - Catherine Allport
Set Designer - Eleanor Housden
Associate Set Designer - Natacha Lee
Set Sourcer - Lily Green
Workshop Assistant - Phebe McManamon

Workshop Assistant -  Phoenix Brown

Workshop Assistant -  Dowon Jung

Workshop Assistant -  Madeline Connolly

Workshop Assistant -  Stazi Towers
Sound Designer - Andrew Orr

Sound Mixer- Aron West
Sound Assistant - Caitlin Frank

Sound Assistant - Ana Pagu

Sound Assistant - Stazi Towers

Sound Assistant - Paula McGechan
Lighting Designer - Finley Bettsworth
Lighting Assistant - Tariq Saeed

Lighting Assistant - Sav Sood
Costume Designer - Hannah Haseloff
Costume Assistant - Catherine Allport

Costume Assistant - Izzy Dernedde
Hair and Makeup Designer - Claire Gordon-Brown
Hair and Makeup Assistant - Ellie Tutt

Hair and Makeup Assistant - Izzy Dernedde

Hair and Makeup Assistant - Chiara Theimer

Hair and Makeup Assistant - Olivia Crosbie

Hair and Makeup Assistant - Krisha Hirani
Production Assistant - Elizabeth Lim

Production Assistant - Issy Masterton

Production Assistant - Maxi Grindley

Production Assistant - Anahita Manchala

Production Assistant - Sav Sood

Reed 1 - Anna Power
Reed 2 - Phoebe Barber
Reed 3 - Maddy Morris
Reed 4 - Ben Hunt
Reed 5 - Clara Graham
Trumpet 1 - Michael Lee
Trumpet 2 - Tom Wild
Horn - Anya Davies
Trombone 1 - James Thistlewood
Trombone 2 - Cordelia Lawson
Trombone 3 - Joshua Dennis
Violin 1 - Lilian Ngo Usadi
Violin 2 - Jemima Kinley
Violin 3 - Laura Flenley
Viola 1 - Kilian Meißner
Cello - Paul Dugdale
Bass - Michelle Stanley
Percussion - Harry Baigent
Keys - Jake Sternberg

With thanks to all the funding bodies that made this possible:

Magdalen Players
Corpus Owlets

as well as Cameron Mackintosh Drama Fund, Accidental Death Productions, and The Mansfield Players

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