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Plus One
by Nina Jurkovic

The Michael Pilch Studio
8th Week Hillary - 8th-12th Mar 2022
Wed to Sat 19:30 & Sat 14:30

“Five months isn’t ages to get over something, is it?”

Martha is newly not a teenager, doing a definitely useful degree in the history of buildings and dating her soulmate. Until she’s not. With a flurry of highs and lows, Eurovision parties and questionable stick-and-poke tattoos, follow Martha’s struggle to get over Gregory - eccentric friends, bad jazz bars and all.


Martha - Izzy Lever
Gregory - Peter Todd
Beth - Darcey Willing
Sarah - Chen Xu
Ana - Hetta Johnson
Edward - Jake Dann
Richard - Michael Freeman
Ensemble - Leah Aspden
Ensemble - Eleanor Dunlop
Understudies - Poddy Wilson & Vicky Stone


Producer - Nicole Kitsberg

Exec Producer - Harvey Dovell

Director - Nina Jurkovic

Assistant Director - Elspeth Rogers

Composer - Niky Pasolini

Writer - Nina Jurkovic

Marketing Director - Lucy Evans

Marketing & Photography - Debora Krut

Videographer - Sonia Shuster

Videographer - Rosie Robinson

Cinematography - Katya Croddy

Projection Design - Leah Aspden ​Projection Design - Phebe McManamon

Production Manager - Nicola Wright

Stage Manager - Mina Moniri

Set Designer - Mary Woodward

Lighting - Finley Bettsworth

Sound - Andrew Orr

Technical Assistant - Harvey Dovell

With thanks to all the funding bodies that made this possible:

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