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Keble O'Reilly Theatre

7th Week Hillary - 4th-8th March 2020

Wed to Sun 19:30 & Sat 14:30

"An eagerly awaited performance, and I can certainly say that it did not disappoint"
"A fantastic rendition of a classic, this is one not to be missed"
- Oxford Opening Night

"Quality visual and aural backing for Amelia Rogers' direction"
"An absorbing spectacle"
- Daily Info

"Doctor Faustus is emblematic of the best theatre Oxford University has to offer, both in terms of performance and in terms of its creative vision"

"00Productions’ performance transports you into the electrifying world of Faustus"
- The Oxford Student


Faustus. - Henry Waddon
Mephistophilis - Gemma Daubeney
Good Angel/Chorus - Caroline Taylor
Lucifer/Valdes - Gavin Flemming
Emperor/Cardinal/Demon - Elise Busset
Benvolio/Demon - Jamie Walker
Wagner/Frederick. - Justin Kendall
Martino/Demon - Callum Coghlan
Pope/Demon - Sunny Roshan
Demon/Duke of Vanholt - Dorothy McDowell
Demon/Duchess of Vanholt - Abi Watkinson
Scholar/Bruno - Lola Beal
Scholar/King of Hungary - Tomás Sergeant
Archbishop/Duke of Saxony/Demon - Nicole Jacobus


Director - Amelia Rogers

Assistant Director - Georgie Dettmer

Producer - Olivia Wheeler

Assistant Producer - Eleanor Beswick

Movement Director - Rebecca Dunn

Production Manager - Harvey Dovell

Marketing Director - Linnea Heydenreich

Graphics Designer - Phillip Olney

Graphics Editor - Alasdair Casperd

Photography - Calum John

Lighting Design - Will Hayman

Lighting Assistant - Finley Bettsworth

Lighting Assistant - Sam Morley

Sound Design - Andrew Orr

Sound Assistant - Lucy Martin

Set Design - Alice Penrose

Set Assistant - Natacha Lee

Set Assistant - Mary Woodward

Costume Designer - Mora Wichmann

Makeup Designer - Katerina Gramm

Stage Manager - Maggie Wang

Deputy Stage Manager - Juliet Dowley

ASM/ Costume Assistant - Beth Lambert

With thanks to all the funding bodies that made this possible:

Oreil Lions.jpg

Somerville College Arts Fund

Keble College JCR

as well as Cameron Mackintosh Drama Fund

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