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Present Laughter

by Noel Coward

Michael Pilch Studio

6th Week Hillary Term - 21st - 24th Feb 2024

Wed to Sat 19:30 & Sat 14:30


Garry Essendine - Alfred Dry

Liz Essendine - Rosie Mahendra

Daphne Stillington - Catty Claire Williams Boyle

Monica Reed - Flora Symington

Joanna Lyppiatt - Millie Deere

Roland Maule - Leah Aspden

Henry Lyppiatt - Joe Rachman

Morris Dixon - Chess Nightingale

Fred - Purav Menon

Miss Erikson - Carys Howell

Lady Saltburn - Man Shun Wong


Producer - Lucas Angeli

Co-Director - Nic Rackow 

Co-Director - Susie Weidmann

Designer - Lucas Angeli

With thanks to all the funding bodies that made this possible:


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