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1 - Harvey

Harvey has baked the birthday cake of any chocolate lovers' dreams. Combining a frankly obscene amount of Smarties and chocolate fingers in this feast for the eyes (and surely the stomach too). He's even put his sciences degree to good use to create a gravity-defying cascade of Smarties.

2 - Nicole

Our marketing assistant, Nicole, has baked a veritable army of gingerbread people using her great grandma's recipe. It's clear to see that lots of work has gone into the making and decorating of these adorable figures, and the artist herself describes them as 'Christmas in a bite'.

2 - Eve

Our stage manager Eve has baked a sourdough loaf which I'm sure will make all those lockdown bakers green with envy. Although Eve describes the presentation a little on the rustic side the rest of us could only dream of baking such a gorgeous looking loaf. And for a relatively novice baker? Absolutely unbe-loaf-able.

4 - Nina

Here's our writer and director Nina with some gorgeous bagels, proving to us that she is not only the master of bread puns but also of baking it! However in this bake Nina is also sharing an important message: if at first you don't succeed, bake, bake again!

5 - Poddy

First time baker Poddy has offered up this unique bread sculpture! As a first ever attempt at bread it's certainly laudable. We can see evidence of intricate shaping and sculpting. I would say maybe it tasted nice, but quotes from tasters liken it to 'cardboard boxes' and 'concrete'. But as Matt Lucas says 'How much flavour does bread really need?'

6 - Finley

Our production manager Finley with his trademarked mango mousse moose cake. A delicious treat and a tongue twister all in one! Extra points for the originality and for owning a moose shaped tin! A bake sure to make Prue say 'well I've certainly never seen this before'.

7 - Leah

You may think that these are cupcakes... but don't let your eyes deceive you! These are, in fact, peanut butter cupcake-shaped brownies. In the show Leah plays Hazel - the brains behind the Bourne Bakery, a lover of bread and hater of all modern trends....especially cupcakes!


8 - Sneha

Our set designer Sneha has baked a quite frankly stunning focaccia. Never before have I described a loaf of bread as beautiful, but I think this one well and truly deserves it. If Sneha can bake bread this beautiful, just imagine how the set will look!

9 - Téa

Téa, another member of our glorious cast, with a hugely impressive display of artistic flair! Téa has taken our Half Baked themed logo to turn a lemon cake into a masterpiece! I'm sure it tastes great too, as she's used Nutella to create the design on the top. Beautiful work!

10 - Olivia

Olivia came in with a past-the-deadline entry. Not great form for a producer to miss their own deadlines! Her wonderful pretzels spell out the name of the show though, so it was worth the wait! 


You, the audience, voted and declared Poddy the Star Baker with over 30% of the votes.

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