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Nicholas Heymann


Nicholas is a musical director, sometime composer, lighting designer and stage photographer who has been working on theatrical productions since 2012 in many different roles. He has extensive experience in lighting and sound design in a variety of different spaces and circumstances. Having been hooked by musicals for years he recently started moving into musical direction which he hugely enjoys, as well as occasional composing.


Musical Director

Patience (TT20, TBC)

Musical Director

RENT (HT20, Bernard Sunley)

Musical Director, Composer, Lighting Designer

Hero-Man (HT20, BT Studio)

Lighting Designer, Stage Photographer

Crave (MT19, Pilch)

Lighting Designer, Sound Designer

Me, As A Penguin (MT19, BT Studio)

Ensemble, Lighting Designer

Iolanthe (August 2019, International Gilbert and Sullivan Festival)

Boatswain's Mate

HMS Pinafore (TT19, Trinity College Chapel)

Lighting Designer

Marilyn Forever (TT19, Jacqueline du Pré)

Lighting Designer, Stage Photographer

With One Eye Open ( TT19, Pilch)

Musical Director

Bonnie & Clyde (TT19, Pichette)

Ensemble, Assistant Musical Director

Iolanthe (HT19, University Church)

Lighting Designer, Stage Photographer, Sound Designer

The Pitchfork Disney (HT19, BT Studio)

Lighting Designer, Sound Designer, Stage Photographer

Frog's Legs (HT19, Pilch)

Lighting Designer, Stage Photographer

Mojo (MT18, BT Studio)

Lighting Designer, Sound Designer, Einstein

St Catz Cuppers (MT18, BT Studio)

Lighting Designer, Sound Designer, Stage Manager, and Projection Designer

Various shows previously (2012-2018)

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