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Doctor Faustus
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Andrew Orr


Andrew Orr is a DPhil student in Engineering and Theoretical Physics at the University of Oxford. Alongside their postgraduate research (which concerns the impact of exotic fluid droplets on treated substrates) they regularly participate in student productions in local and regional venues, primarily as a Sound Designer. Their approach to Sound Design mixes their expertise in Physics and Engineering with their love for theatre. They regularly use scientific programming tools (MATLAB, SciPy) as a starting point for soundscape inspiration, be it the coordinates of galaxies or the splashing patterns of raindrops. By blending two of their favourite practices together, they aim to create novel and immersive soundscapes with a unique style. Andrew is a member of the Association of Sound Designers and advocates for the continued advancement and recognition of Sound Design among Oxford students, running workshops and mentoring productions to promote Sound Design in the community. When they are not composing interactive soundscapes, Andrew can be found designing bespoke electrical props, applying their Engineering expertise to create interactive battery-powered devices for the cast to perform alongside on stage.


Sound Desinger

Half Baked (TT21, The North Wall Arts Centre)

Sound Designer

Doctor Faustus (HT20, O'Reilly Theatre)

Lighting Assistant

Angels in America (HT20, O'Reilly Theatre)

Executive Sound Designer

Shadows of Troy (HT20, Oxford Playhouse)

Lighting Assistant

Don Giovanni (HT20, St John's Auditorium)

Sound Designer

Merrily We Roll Along (HT20, Oxford Playhouse)


Spring Awakening (MT20, Oxford Playhouse)

Sound Designer and Stage Electrician

Life of Galileo (MT19, O'Reilly Theatre)

Sound Assistant

Chicago (MT19, O'Reilly Theatre)

Sound Designer

Enron (HT19, Oxford Playhouse)

Sound Designer

The Threepenny Opera (MT18, Oxford Playhouse)

Sound Designer and Stage Electrician

Doom's Day (Summer 2018, OUDS National Tour, Buxton Rotunda, Cambridge Junction, Edinburgh Fringe/C South, Katzpace Theatre)

Sound Designer

A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings (MT17, Burton Taylor Studio)

Sound Designer and Lighting Designer

Trinity College Drama Cuppers (MT15, Burton Taylor Studio)